Entrepreneur is french for "has ideas, does them"

More than ever, 'entrepreneurs' and 'founders' are becoming increasingly of the norm (just have a scroll through your LinkedIn feed for these titles).


Because these people have found their creative counterparts, a unique passion that fuels an inner empowerment within themselves to take a risk - financially, emotionally and mentally - to impart a unique part of themselves and share it with the world.

Our work is a source of fulfilment to us. There is nothing better than for a man or woman to enjoy the good of all their labor - it is the gift of God. The fact that many humans are not fulfilled in their work has less to do with what their work is, than with whether or not they have a sense of purpose.

So - where can you start?

The best place to start - is to figure out the real why behind what you're doing.

As a strategist, in order for a business to be profitable - the idea behind the business needs to provide real value and meet relevant needs. Emotionally AND logically.